Plentiful Treasure Slots

Let's skip the hassle and talk about a slot that is going to bring you plenty of treasures. This one is called Plentiful Treasure Slots, and has been developed by Real Time Gaming, who go as RTG for short. The hint is in the name, the slot is going to award you with plenty of treasures, so why on Earth wouldn't you give this slot a go? If you're looking for awesome graphics and fun gameplay, then this is the one to go for. Keep on reading my review if you're into finding out more about the slot in a non-biased way.

General Information

As you may have heard, this video slot has an Asian theme, specifically a Chinese theme. The reels are set in a decorated red backdrop, which is pretty simple. Sometimes it's nice to have a bit of simplicity though, that's what I truly believe. There are 5 reels to enjoy the use of, with 243 paylines. There is a maximum cash jackpot of a whopping $340.00, which is unreal. This really motivates the players to take part in the Plentiful Treasure Slots. The coin betting range starts from as little as 0.01, and can go all the way up to 1.0. The betting range starts at $0.88 and reaches all the way up to $8.8. I love these figures, because it quite simply means that loads of types of players can enjoy the fun, because it doesn't matter what their financial status is.

Features and Stunning Symbols

For features, we have got to mention the jackpots. The Plentiful Treasure Slots has got a mini, minor, major and grand jackpot for you to enjoy the use of. How epic is this? It's not every day you find something like this, right? Enjoy it while it lasts! As well as those, there is also the wild symbol and the scatter symbol. For symbols, there are 2 categories, the medium paying ones and the high paying ones. Look out for the rings, necklaces, teapots, and of course, all of the golden equivalents. I will give you a random guess on which ones are the most valuable.


So, there it is everybody - Plentiful Treasure Slots as a whole. What do you make of the game? Give it a go and see what you can get out of it. On top of that, they are also totally accessible, meaning they will allow you to play from any mobile device, so long as you have a sturdy internet connection. Give it a go today!